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Thaís is a multi-faceted growth & transformational coach, Antony Robbins-Mandanes RMT Board Certified (USA), which is the most respected Coaching Certification world wide. She is also Jungian Psychotherapist graduated from  IJEP (Jungian Institute of Education & Reseach, Brazil) as well as Psychological Astrologer (started studies at Oficina da Alma to then take over doing dedicated self-learning and researches).

She brings to the table also of experience being an internationally experienced business and people leader with education in Chemical Engineering, Business, Market & Competitive Intelligence, Black Belt/Lean Six Sigma, Leading in a Matrix Organization and Foundations of Culture. Thaís has more than 13 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies, having most recently worked for General Electric.


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Thaís coaches on a 1:1 basis and in groups. Her services are unique in terms of tools and resources and she wants to help you to become your best self and live more purposefully.

Some of the Successful Stories

Great insights!!! Each session added to my self-knowledge and broke through any prejudices I could have regarding it. Thaís has this pragmatic approach to articulate the information (…)  shedding light on all aspects that have the potential to make you evolve. If not a believer yet, give it a try at least. You’ll sure have lots of material to reflect on afterwards!

Lisa – Entrepreneur

I loved how Thais helped me to know more about myself, about my baby girl, the special role and connection into her development…and ways to connect more and more with her, as she grows.

Bertha, Nuclear Engineer

Synchronicity. In my enlightening experience with Thais’ coaching and counseling, there were many “coincidences” and connections. She really loves what she does and you can feel this commitment and passion in the quality of her work.

Rebecca – Senior Project Management Staff Manager

Such a great analysis of myself !! It was really helpful to figure out what to do from that reading!! Thanks so much for the professional advice and objective help!!! Looking forward to having others!!

Eva, Military Engineer

This is exactly what I needed in my life right now…Coaching!

Arianne, Sales Staff Leader Americas

I had my sessions with Thais while facing a moment of several transitions and challenges in my life. It was a real shower of self-knowledge, that boosted me with the courage to take important decisions in my life.  Thais’ work is superb!  I loved it and recommended it a thousand times for all!

Radah, Marketing Manager Americas

Thaís is very precise and accurate in the insights she gives. Every time I talk to her, I feel more confident to keep up on my goals and on the path I am choosing to focus on. I started coaching with the idea of getting ready for the next big step in my career (going abroad, getting more international experience) and Thaís helped me envision a whole new life and to work on balancing other areas of my life to make that happen on a sustainable way….made me feel it is easy, doable…and it is…I am very happy with the results I am getting and feeling much more happy as we are tapping into areas of my life that I was neglecting, thinking it would keep me out of achieving the career goal I wanted.

Alex, Sales Manager

The fact that Thais takes phone and skype sessions was a key enabler to me – as I have been traveling a lot, and been in different timezones. I used to believe that this kind of coach-coachee/therapist-patient thing could only work presencially and this is not true…much on the opposite – the fact that it accomodates wherever I am, do it from home, hotel room or even on the go makes me feel even more confortable and close to her…looks like I am talking to a friend, only with waaaay more productive outcomes and I always leave the sessions full of new insights and ideas…motivated to keep on my journey (literally!). I stopped buying all these purely online programs and feeling overwhelmed trying to read so many books to help with my many multidisciplinary questions and now I have a professional to rely on – her business and international background is also a key differentiator that adds a lot of value to me.

Juan, Enterpreneur