What can I quickly say about me here?

Well, I was born and raised in Sao Paolo, Brazil surrounded by family (and pets) and lots of love and caring – a core value I carry along with me.

Since early in childhood, I knew deep inside that I was supposed to run unconventional paths…that the feeling of “fitting in” was something that as much as I wanted to have was never going to happen for me…and I should learn my own ways on how to make the best out of life not only for me…but also to share my lessons learned to others that felt as “unconventional” as me.

On my 17’s years old, I started pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, that 5 years later allowed me to initiate a + 10 years journey inside many of the leading multinationals industries corporate world….that taught me so much in terms of leadership and entrepreneurship.

Relationships world (work, friendships, family, romantic) and learning on how to best navigate through them – turned out to be my passion and lead me to pursue formations in Astrology, Analytical Psychology, and Relationship Coaching.

I took this passion as part of my soul's calling..starting my career as Counselor and Life Coach, making use of all the expertise from the formal educations mentioned above.... combined with my practical life experiences...and my mediumship and claircognizant gifts.

One of the most life-changing moments for me was when I acknowledged these spiritual psychic gifts and started being open to receive daily messages from the spirit world and experience spirit energies around me.  I felt like I tapped into something magical on the other side. The more people heard of my abilities, the more they started to ask me for sessions and readings.

I run a busy one-on-one client practice, helping people to find life practical and spiritual solutions to their problems with the guidance of Angels and High Vibration Spirits.

Have been living abroad from my home country for some years and moved to Italy in 2016, where I share life with the love of my many many lives. ; )

Recently kicked off writing…and I am baking out here something special for me and hopefully for you too…news to come out soon!

This site is the one-stop shop where you can check out my latest posts, articles, videos, insights and where we can better interact.

I have just quickly introduced myself...what about you? Please share here below in the comments about yourself and what is your main story that brought you here for us to meet!

Together, Let's Make it All Happen!