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I believe sharing life experiences and thoughts makes us more human, enables us to connect better and consolidate “our tribe”!

Here, I’ll be sharing a little bit more of my personal lifestyle, bounce some thoughts and ideas going on in my personal world.

Hope to hear more about your what’s going on in your world too!



Sharing my story

Hi everyone!

Today want to share with you my personal and professional background that motivated me to pursue Life Counseling & Coaching with the approach I do.

But for me, the best part is hearing back your comments. So how about your story?  Please share here below in the comments about yourself and what is your main story that brought you here for us to meet!Looking forward to hearing from you!

With love,


YouTube Channel Kick Off

Hi everyone! It’s been a while I wanted to broadcast insights, thoughts… interact more with you all on a more personal way!  I am very excited to have the kick off my Youtube Channel – please subscribe and stay tuned – every other week a new video!

For me, the best part is hearing back your comments. Looking forward to hearing from you!